Advocates for Animals

Making full use of the law to protect animals

What Clients Say

An incredibly experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated team with advanced knowledge of range of animal issues and the relevant law. Able to advise on many aspects of animal law and see projects through to successful completion.

- Cruelty Free International

Edie Bowles and David Thomas have given advice to our charity at short notice to a high standard. Their knowledge has helped us campaign effectively and ensured that we use the law to help animals in need wherever possible. We highly recommend Advocates for Animals.

- Freedom for Animals

It’s been my privilege to have worked closely with David and Edie for many years, so I know first-hand the quality of their work. Their knowledge in the field is unparalleled and their passion and commitment unwavering. Advocates for Animals has my full support in their important work of using the law to make a real and long-lasting difference for animals.

- Animal Free Research

Thorough, clear, considered and professional in your approach to us as your clients, you advised us fully together with counsel, as to the merits and non merits of each option available to us on complex areas of law, this enabled us to undertake an informed campaign strategy both in the long and short term. As a group reliant on self generated funding we found your costs both reasonable and achievable. Our sincere thanks and we would have no hesitation in recommending you or your practice to others who share a sincere interest in pursuing lawful means by which to challenge the plight of those who cannot challenge for themselves. We look forward to working with you again in the future as we felt you understood the value of respect both to your clients and to those they seek to protect in our case, the thousands of greyhounds used within the racing industry here in the UK.

- Greyt Exploitations

The IVRA has recently worked with Edie on a variety of matters and has found her work to be extremely useful. The network is very much in need of Edie’s dedicated service which is invaluable to support and further the aims and objectives of the organisation.

- The International Vegans Rights Alliance

I have known David for over 20 years and would have no hesitation in instructing his firm to act for us. David is a deeply committed, highly capable legal professional with a dogged determination to do the very best for animals and the people and organisations who advocate for them.

- Compassion in World Farming

David has provided excellent quality legal advice to Animal Aid. It is so reassuring to work with someone who has such brilliant legal expertise, but also understands the specific issues relating to animal protection, and shares our dedication to making the world a better place for animals. As well as being extremely helpful, David’s advice has always been presented to us in a clear, non-technical way, which makes the process of dealing with legal issues so much easier. I would have full confidence in recommending David to any animal protection organisation who was looking for legal advice.

- Animal Aid

The services set out by Advocates for Animals are absolutely invaluable to animal protection NGOs aiming to take the most direct route to creating sustained change for animals, to maximise impact, and to minimise risk. At Humane Society International I fully anticipate we would instruct the firm, particularly with regard to the complex legal landscape around trade as the U.K. departs the EU, an area in which David is extremely well versed. Having sought and used advice from the solicitors behind this firm before I can attest not only to their in-depth knowledge of the law as it relates to animal protection, but also to their understanding and accommodation of the varying strategies, positions and messaging held by their clients. This new law firm is a logical and much-needed step to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the animal protection movement in the U.K.

- Humane Society International

Advocates for Animals provide a unique blend of legal expertise and passion for campaigning to make the world a better place for animals. This means they don’t discourage clients from taking risks if the benefits to animals could be great, but rather advise on ways to mitigate risks or even suggest better ideas based on their long history of work in this sector. They are always professional, responsive and committed to achieving the best possible outcome for animals while also protecting the charities and activists they represent. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

- Animal Equality

Alice Collinson brings an in-depth understanding and highly professional approach to her analyses of wildlife law and international legal process. She is also able to fulfil complex requests in a timely, coherent and cost-effective manner, and her reporting is outstanding. She is our first port-of-call when it comes to making sense of international wildlife legislation.

- Born Free

Save The Asian Elephants fights hard every day for the protection and preservation of the critically endangered Asian elephant, so grievously abused in unethical tourism and other exploitative practices. Of necessity we engage in complex issues which often call for a clear focus and understanding of the law and legal procedures. David Thomas and Edie Bowles and their team at Advocates for Animals have provided STAE with specialist and timely advice of a high standard on several occasions. We are very pleased to be working with them.

- Save The Asian Elephants

Edie and the team at Advocates for Animals went above and beyond to help us save over 80 pigs from a court destruction order. They overturned this order with their legal expertise. They are an amazing team of legal experts, professional, supportive and 100% dedicated.

- Beneath The Wood Sanctuary

Advocates for Animals are professional and thorough, enabling us to mitigate risks and ensure we can run effective campaigns. They’ve given us legal advice at little notice that has been crucial for us to be nimble and respond to changing events when they unfold. Their work is outstanding and always turned around in a timely manner. We highly recommend Edie and David for anyone in the animal protection movement that wants reliable, easy to understand details on any work they need to assess for legal issues.

- The Humane League UK

The Donkey Sanctuary has drawn on the legal expertise of Advocates for Animals for over two years now. It would be hard to overstate the amazing support they have provided to us in respect of some of our key campaigns – from poring over our campaign literature from a legal perspective, to liaising with regional legislative bodies overseas, briefing and instructing lawyers in overseas countries on our behalf and generally making the complexities of legal possibilities and consequences comprehensible and also affordable. They are now an integral part of our campaign planning and thinking. They are approachable, engaged and passionate about the issues. We know that we will always get expert advice and insight from them, and they will always pull out all the stops if that is needed quickly.More than anything, they care about what we are doing and share our objectives and determination to secure improvements for animal welfare through legal processes and mechanisms. We can’t recommend them highly enough.

- The Donkey Sanctuary

Advocates for Animals with their invaluable knowledge in the fight for all animals are a huge step forward for animals having a voice, a voice that will end cruelty and bring an understanding of what is right and what is wrong. Their passion and indomitable spirit along with their expertise in animal welfare and rights takes them that extra mile. Without Advocates for Animals acting for me there would be no tears of happiness, there would be no peace in the hearts of this lady and her dog.

- Mrs Lane

Animal welfare law is a specialist and growing area of concern and can and should be used to affect positive change for animals. The scope for making improvements for animal welfare both here in the UK and abroad is immense. Our experience of the ban on fur farming here in the UK as well as EU-wide import bans on cat and dog fur and the products of commercial seal hunts have shown just what can be achieved and the huge impacts these initiatives can have. The experience and dedication of the team at Advocates for Animals as well as a proven record of achievement in animal law means they are uniquely qualified and we very much look forward to future collaborations Advocates For Animals is long overdue and Respect for Animals would have no hesitation in instructing this firm in the future.

Respect for Animals

Animal Justice Project has worked with Edie and David at Advocates for Animals on our most high-profile campaign to date. In some tough times, they have protected our organisation and enabled us to tackle animal industries head on. Their legal skills are superb, providing important advice on how to mitigate risk, which is particularly important for our pressure campaigns. Their unwavering passion for animals makes them perfect partners for us. Animal Justice Project is so grateful to Advocates for all the work they have carried out with us so far, and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to other animal NGOs.

Animal Justice Project