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Blog: Can we improve Chinese laws from the UK?

A recent parliamentary debate, attended by MPs Rebecca Pow, Jim Shannon, and Andrea Jenkyns, was held to propose an "animal abroad bill," with the goal of allowing the British government to promote animal welfare on a global scale. This week's guest writer Anjni Thakker, will explore what discussions are being had to improve global standards, particularly in China. What do the MPs say? Rebecca Pow…
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Fur Farming in the UK: Is it coming back?

In May 2021, Defra, along with the Scottish and Welsh governments, launched a consultation on the fur market in Great Britain following the ban on fur farming in 2000. The call for evidence aims to provide an opportunity ‘to consider any further steps it might take in relation to fur’ and to better understand fur sector activity including ‘trade and its impacts both in the UK and overseas’. This…
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Animal Protection Laws from Around the World: Australia

Recent news of the UK striking a tariff-free trade deal with Australia as part of their post-Brexit plan has caused widespread concerns over what the implications are for UK animal welfare standards. In this article, Advocates for Animals’ social media officer, Hayley Lynes, will look at animal protection laws in Australia and how they differ from those in the UK. National legislation Most animal…
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