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Case Summary: Lubrizol and others v European Chemicals Agency

17 March 2021 by David Thomas Facts These were 14 joined appeals brought by companies manufacturing chemicals known as ZDDP, which are used in hydraulic fluids. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is the principal regulator of chemical safety in the European Union under Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (known as ‘REACH’). Under REACH, companies wishing to manufacture in or import into the EU…
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Blog: What is Utilitarianism and How Does it Apply to Animal Welfare?

This week guest writer Hayley Lynes will look at what utilitarianism means for animal welfare. What is utilitarianism? Utilitarianism is a philosophical theory which puts the emphasis of moral decisions on the consequences of our actions, rather than the intent. Following this theory, a decision is only considered truly moral if it results in overall net good for the highest number of individuals…
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Blog: Animal Protection Laws from Around the World: Brazil

Constitutional Provision In Brazil, animal protection rules are placed within different levels in the hierarchy of law. This week guest writer Marina Baptista Rosa will explore what it means in practice that Brazil is among the few countries of the world where animal interests are protected in the Constitution. The other countries are Switzerland, India, Slovenia, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, and…
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